Novitiate Newsletters

Winter 2021 - The Spirit of Oblation

April 20, 2021
The spirit of oblation is the soul of any worthy and acceptable sacrifice. May God inspire in the souls of our Catholic youth this desire to offer themselves to God, the Church, and souls.

Fall 2020 - The Beauty of Silence

February 09, 2021
Summer has ended and it is time for the harvest, a time to collect our thoughts as to how we spent our time in the sun. Did we spend time in silence?

Spring 2020 - It is Good for Man to Work

July 04, 2020
The Novitite's Spring Newsletter helps one to understand the value and balance of work and commitment. Spring has finally arrived. In this season God has made His firm commitment to annually bring forth flowers, greenery, colors of all kinds and fresh life into our world. The beauty is outstanding. God is faithful to his commitments. It is a lesson for mankind.

Winter 2020 - The Beauty of a Religious Vocation

June 26, 2020
Behind the act of pronouncing vows is something very simple but very beautiful – the desire to give oneself to God without any conditions. We are all called to give something back to God, from whom we have received everything. Religious give back to God just one thing: themselves. But this includes everything else. Religious life is a consecration to God of one’s person, whole and entire. In this Newsletter read about how the religious spends his life living and deepening his consecration through the vows.

Autumn 2019 - A Religious Vocation

October 04, 2019
The Work of the Novitiate is the formation of religious vocations, that is, religious brothers in particular. Father Kenneth Dean has been the Novice Master for the brothers for ten years, who held down the fort, since the departure of the seminarians, working to keep up the buildings and the spiritual life of the brothers. This first Newsletter gives a great insight of the work and vocation of the brothers at the Novitiate.