The Daily Life of the Brother

A Peaceful Life

The life of a brother is a simple life. It is a hidden life of joy and peace which flows from his daily duties, both spiritual and physical. Permeated by the spirit of prayer, the community day is punctuated by the three Divine Offices of Prime, Sext, and Compline. The morning meditation with Mass and evening Rosary make common prayer a focus for the day.

Spiritual Duties

In addition, the brother receives aid from personal spiritual duties performed throughout the day. Besides some spiritual reading and Scriptural study, the brother should love to recite the fifteen decades of the Rosary and foster a devotion to Christ’s Passion through the Stations of the Cross. Silence, which shelters the brother from earthly distraction, keeps him in communication with Our Lord within the walls of his cloister or room.

Physical Duties

The physical duties of the brother include many tasks. Using skills acquired from his formation, he will serve the priests in whatever task is needed by the community. Whether he is serving at the Altar, preparing the liturgical functions, cooking, or maintaining the house, the brother finds Christ in all realms. He may even cultivate a particular skill or trade, such as carpentry or artistry.

Throughout his generous and simple life, the brother is united with Christ on the cross through His Holy sacrifice and by the hands of His Priest.  His three religious vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience transform all his tasks, however minor they may be, into meritorious acts of religion which promote the salvation of his own soul and that of others, and aid the priests in their apostolate.