Professors and Brothers


Fr. Charles Ward, the Rector of Holy Angels Novitiate, was ordained in 1986. Formerly the United States District Bursar, he trains the recently professed brothers in using computers, performing secretarial work, and teaching religion.

Novice Master

Our Novice Master, Fr. Kenneth Dean, ordained in 1990, has held that office since 2010.  Besides providing his novices with spiritual direction and instructing them in the religious vows and Sacred Scripture, he also regularly provides spiritual conferences for all the brothers.

Resident Priests

Fr. John Young has spent many years since his ordination in 1989 as a retreat master. He continues to preach occasional retreats in Winona, and teaches our novice classes in Latin and in Liturgy.  His photography skills are also well-utilized at the Novitiate!

Fr. Andrew Dwyer was ordained in 2016, at the last SSPX ordination ceremony in Winona, where he has remained ever since. He teaches the postulants Latin and instructs them in the Acts of the Magisterium.


Br. Stanislaus has been a brother since 2011. Having built up many and great experiences of performing maintenance of all sorts at LaSalette Academy, he now shares his expertise with the second-year novices. He is in charge of building and property maintenance and is currently developing our farm. 

Br. Nathaniel is the main cook for the Novitiate, where he has been stationed since completing his own novitiate in 2017. While performing his work in the kitchen – and tending the boiler systems during the six-month winter – he trains newly-professed brothers in the culinary arts.  As the Infirmarian, Brother also has charge of any under-the-weather confreres.

Br. Anthony took perpetual vows in 2016. Before being assigned to Holy Angels Novitiate, he was stationed in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He heads the MC department, and teaches the basics of liturgical ceremonies to the novices.

Br. Theresian was assigned to the Novitiate after completing his novitiate formation in the fall of 2019. As choir master, he trains all postulants and novices in Chant. He is also acting as the secretary and treasurer of the Novitiate, and has instructed some brothers in basic accounting principles.  Brother also teaches some intermediate Latin classes, and cares for the growing campus library.

Our sacristan, Br. Edmund, returned to the Novitiate in 2021.  He instructs the novices in the care of sacristy items.