Visitors' Guide

Visiting can be an excellent opportunity to experience the daily life of the brothers here at Holy Angels Novitiate.  As a guest, you will have the opportunity to follow the Brother’s schedule and attend the various times of prayer, study, work, and recreation with them. Coming to the Novitiate as a visitor provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the building and property of the Novitiate, and to speak with the Master of Novices and the other Brothers about the religious life.


Scheduling a Visit

To arrange a visit, please call (507)-454-8000 and select the operator’s extension to submit a request. To gain the most insight to the regular life at the Novitiate, it is most beneficial to visit the Novitiate during the months of classes. Classes begin in mid-October and continue through May.

Travel Information

Once a visit has been scheduled and confirmed, there are several options for travelling to the Novitiate.  Driving oneself here is the simplest option for those who live close enough.

If you wish to fly by airlines, the Novitiate will pick up guests from Rochester International Airport (RST) and from La Crosse Regional Airport (LSE).  Visitors who wish to fly in to Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) are asked to shuttle from the airport to Rochester for pick-up.

The Novitiate will also pick up guests who travel into Winona by train or bus.

Rooms and Accommodations

Liturgical books are provided for each visitor, as well as his bedding and towels.  However, visitors are asked to bring their own personal toiletries. Washing and drying machines may be made available, depending on the length of the visit.

Dress Guidelines

A suit and tie comprise the standard lay dress at the Novitiate.  However, work and “play” clothes are highly recommended for use during the brothers’ daily work period and bi-weekly outdoor recreation.