Entrance Information

The young man who, after due deliberation and having visited the Novitiate, desires to offer himself to God as a brother must take the following steps to apply to Holy Angels Novitiate.


The aspirant must firstly obtain an application packet through his parish priest (who can download it from the US District portal), from whom he must also seek a letter of recommendation.  Additionally, he must obtain and submit several sacramental documents: the applicant’s baptismal certificate/extract (with notations completed on the back) and a confirmation certificate (if confirmed at a different church), as well as the matrimonial extract for his parents.

Above and beyond these papers furnished by a parish priest, the applicant must procure his transcripts from high school and college, if applicable; proof of health insurance, to include coverage in the state of Minnesota; and two recent passport-style photographs of himself.  Provided with the packet is a health evaluation form, which a medical physician must complete and sign.  Further, the applicant will need to furnish some of his personal information and history, including the writing of a brief, guided autobiography, while completing the application packet.

N.B. The pastor must review the application packet before its submission to the District House.  Subsequently, the finished packet with its accompanying documents must be sent, by August 15th, to the US District House of the Society in Farley, MO.  (We encourage protential applicants to begin the process in May, in order to submit the finished application in a timely manner.)  There the District Superior and his aides evaluate the candidate’s qualifications.  If they are in favor, they forward the documents to the Novice Master himself for further evaluation.  Having decided whether or not to accept the candidate, the Novice Master will send him a short letter informing him of his decision; and, if admission has been granted, provides him with the practical details of his arrival at the Novitiate in the fall.

Finally, the future postulant should arrive in mid September, and after orientation, he will help to prepare for the brothers retreat.  The taking of religious vows happens on the feast of St. Michael. Then the new postulant will undertake a week-long retreat.  Soon after, he will attend his first classes at the Novitiate. His three-year formation has begun.