The Society Brother

What Separates the Society Brother From Other Religious Orders?

Unlike religious of any other order, the Brothers of the Society of St. Pius X are chiefly dedicated to the continuation and preservation of the Catholic priesthood and the Mass. This is especially necessary in our modern times, when the Mass and the priesthood are under strong attack.

The Unique Calling of the Society Brother

While the Society brother is dedicated to the priesthood and the Mass, he is not himself a priest – he does not have the sacerdotal powers to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or administer the sacraments.  Instead, it is the brother’s role to do everything in their power to assist the priests in all the duties of their apostolic labors both on the spiritual and material level.

The brother supports the priests spiritually by living and praying in common with them.  Through his service at Mass, attendance of the Office, assistance in the sacristy, and recollection during his daily tasks, he can help to elevate and edify the priests. Additionally, unlike the priests, he is consecrated to the religious life by his profession of the three religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.  Through these vows, his every action can become an aid to the apostolate.

The Active Religious Life

In order to free the priests from their material tasks, the brother can perform a wide variety of tasks – whether in the kitchen, classroom, workshop, or office.  Thus, the Society brother lives an active religious life rather than the purely contemplative life of a cloistered monk.  Nevertheless, while living the life of an active religious, the Society brother must always remain recollected, keeping in mind the salvation of their souls and the souls of others in all that he does. He thereby serves as a pillar of support for the priests and acts as a model of spirituality for the edification of the priests and faithful.